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*。*。6月のお献立*。*。Standard Kaiseki Menu on June

※This dinner menu is offered to customers who have booked a Kaiseki meal plan. It cannot be ordered in that day.

《蛍舞う月の御献立 ~スタンダード月替会席~》

◆Aperitif 食前酒

Today’s special (Japanese sake) 本日の食前酒 

◆Appetizer 先付

Boiled conger pike with onion sauce  梅雨時の鱧と淡路産新玉葱擂り流し

Assorted seasonal side dish 前菜

Canape with Kobe pork  カナッペ 神戸ポーク

Boiled octopus, tomato and cream cheese with basil 蛸と赤茄子にクリームチーズ

Boiled sweetfish with white wine 鮎の甲州蒸し

Fried Sakura shrimp and Jew’s mallow 桜海老揚煮とモロヘイヤ

Boiled Tajima duck breast 但馬鴨治部煮 白芋茎、オクラと山葵

◆Sashimi 向付

Assorted seasonal Sashimi 本日の逸品をあしらいと共に

◆Nabe 小鍋

Jyunsai Nabe (meaning: Water Shield (edible wild plant) hot pot)

秋田産じゅんさい鍋 但馬鶏、九条葱と冬瓜に小芋

 Ingredients: Tajima chicken, vegetables

 How to eat: 1. Please boil what is in the hot pot (soup, chicken, tofu, vegetables)

2. Enjoy the cooked hot pot. Please remember to save some soup.

3. Put the Water Shield (Jyunsai) into the hot pot, lightly boil them.

*Please do not boil for so long since they easily melt*

◆Fried food 油物

Fried potato and bacon wrapped in yuba (tofu skin) and prawn

※Please dipped in a special salt 東寺揚げと天使の海老、蔓無南瓜を雪塩で

◆Boiled dish 焚合

Fried eggplant and Wa-gyu 和牛すき煮と加茂茄子揚げ出し 万願寺唐辛子にかもじ葱

◆Pickled dish 酢の物

Kizushi (pickled Today's fish) 本日の生ずし 青瓜雷干しと水雲に大和芋

Takikomi-gohan(Today’s special), pickles and dessert



The menu is subject to change depending on the day's purchases.


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