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Private library lounge The Perch

The Perch
The Perch

As the name of the inn suggests, Negiya has a mission to create an environment for the guests and their loved ones. We have prepared this lounge as a third place for you, which is different from open public spaces such as private rooms and large communal baths. As the name Perch (perch) suggests, you can spend a relaxing time before you leave for another place, face yourself at this place, think about someone special, and enjoy the wonderful view of Arima. ..

* The library part is being selected. The official opening is scheduled before Golden Week.


[Available guest rooms]

・ Japanese-style room with open-air bath surrounded by bamboo grove 8-12 tatami mats

・ [With open-air bath] Deluxe Japanese-Western style room 40㎡

・ [With semi-open-air bath] Japanese-style room with 10 tatami mats overlooking the mountains of the former Arima district

・ 40 square meters of Japanese and Western rooms that create a modern space

・ Special Japanese-style room with 16 tatami mats [capacity 8 people] with massage chair

・ A warm Japanese-style room with 8 to 10 tatami mats facing Kaede

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