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*。*。5月のお献立 *。*。Standard Kaiseki Menu on May

※This dinner menu is offered to customers who have booked a Kaiseki meal plan. It cannot be ordered in that day.

《風薫る月の御献立 ~スタンダード月替会席~》

◆Aperitif 食前酒

Today’s special (Japanese sake)  本日の食前酒

◆Assorted seasonal side dish 前菜

Tajima chicken with onion sauce 新玉葱擂り流し但馬鶏に万願寺と粒胡椒

Boiled Today’s seafood, bamboo shoot, seaweed and wild vegetables

with kinome(Japanese pepper leaf) jelly sauce 本日の魚介に筍、若布と独活

Tajima duck breast and taro’s stem with grain mustard

但馬鴨ロースと白芋茎 粒マスタードで

◆Sashimi 向付 

Assorted seasonal Sashimi 本日の逸品をあしらいと共に

◆Nabe 小鍋

Yose nabe (Kobe poke, Kinkaton<pork from Yamagata> and vegetables)

寄せ出汁で 兵庫・神戸ポークと山形・金華豚 萵苣に玉葱と九条葱、水菜、椎茸

※When you see steam, add the ingredients, let it simmer a little, and then enjoy.

◆Fried food 油物

Fried prawn, young sweetfish and asparagus 

天麩羅 海老、稚鮎とアスパラ 天出汁と海塩をお好みで

 ※Please dipped in a special broth or salt

◆Teppanyaki 鉄板焼

Kobe-beef and vegetables 神戸牛 大黒占地と蓮根、スナック豌豆

※Please dipped in a ponzu or salt or wasabi or Yuzukosyo(Japanese spice)

◆Boiled dish 焚合

Boiled kamo eggplant, Tajima duck breast meat ball and short bamboo

and vegetables

加茂茄子 筍 但馬鴨つみれに青梗菜添えて


The menu is subject to change depending on the day's purchases.


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