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*。*。3月のお献立 *。*。Standard Kaiseki Menu on March

※This dinner menu is offered to customers who have booked a Kaiseki meal plan. It cannot be ordered in that day.

《春愁ふ月の御献立 ~スタンダード月替会席~》

◆Aperitif 食前酒

 Sakura-masamune Nigori-syu (Japanese sake)

 櫻正宗 にごり酒

◆Assorted seasonal side dish 前菜

 Grilled sea bream with flower wasabi sauce

 糸より鯛天城焼 蚕豆

 Boiled ark shell, scallops and wild vegetables with vinegar jelly sauce

 赤貝と帆立に雪うるいと独活 土佐酢ジュレ

 Hyuga-natsu (Orange) rolls in Steamed Tajima duck breast 但馬鴨ロース 日向夏 菜種

Sashimi 向付 

 Assorted seasonal Sashimi 本日の逸品をあしらいと共に

◆Nabe 小鍋

 Yose-nabe (Today’s special fish, clams, shrimp ball and vegetables)

 ※When you see steam, please eating.

 寄せ鍋 本日のお魚 蛤と桜海老つみれに筍と九条葱 芹と豆富

◆Boiled dish 焚合

 Boiled Kobe pork, fried potato and bok choy 神戸ポーク角煮 新馬鈴薯揚煮と青梗菜

Teppanyaki 鉄板焼

 Kobe-beef and vegetables 

 ※Please dipped in a ponzu or salt or wasabi or Yuzukosyo(Japanese spice)

  神戸牛 大黒占地と蓮根、スナック豌豆

◆Fried food 油物

 Fried ice fish with cherry leaves and wild vegetables 白魚香り揚げ 草蘇鉄 蕗の薹

 ※Please dipped in a special broth or salt

  Takikomi-gohan(Today’s special), pickles and dessert



The menu is subject to change depending on the day's purchases.


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