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*。*。11月のお献立*。*。Standard Kaiseki Menu on November

※This dinner menu is offered to customers who have booked a Kaiseki meal plan. It cannot be ordered in that day.

◆Aperitif 食前酒

Today’s special (Japanese sake) 本日の食前酒 

Appetizer 先付

Steamed soy milk custard with ginger sauce  

豆乳蒸し 合挽の生姜庵かけて

Assorted seasonal side dish 前菜

Salmon and cheese 博多 サーモンとチーズに粒マスタード

Walnut’s tofu with wasabi 胡桃豆富

Boiled today’s fish and yam’s Tofu 本日の魚焼浸しと大和芋菊菜寄せに旨出汁庵

Boiled oyster and tofu skin with Japanese pepper  有馬煮 牡蠣と湯葉

Sweet shrimp and turnip 甘海老と酢取蕪

◆Sashimi 向付 

Assorted seasonal Sashimi 本日の逸品をあしらいと共に

◆Boiled dish 変り鉢

Today’s special (Meat dishes) 本日のお肉料理 二種 お野菜いろいろ添えて

◆Nabe 小鍋

Duck hot pot (Tajima duck, tofu and vegetables) with yuzu-kosyo (spice)

※When you see steam, please eating.

We recommend to mix the spice (yuzu-kosyo) in the soup.

鴨鍋 兵庫より但馬鴨 九条葱にクレソン、牛房と舞茸、柿の木茸と結び蒟蒻焼豆腐 


◆Fried dish 油物

Fried yellowtail and vegetables 鰤唐揚げ 青唐に香味野菜

◆Boiled dish 焚合

Ebi-imo(yam) and bok choy with crab sauce

海老芋と青梗菜 蟹菊花庵かけて

Takikomi-gohan(Today’s special), pickles and dessert


The menu is subject to change depending on the day's purchases.



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