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Negiya Ryokan

Negi refers to a senior priest of a Shinto shrine, and Yado is an inn. It is believed that Negi no Yado was regularly patronized by the heads of shrines in the past, and thus this inn was named as such: An Inn for the Priests. Negi no Yado can be found on a famous map hand-drawn in 1737 that illustrates this region three centuries ago. However, the history traces back even further to the beginning of the Edo era (1603 - 1867), where the inn industry was booming in the lands of Arima. When the inn was first established, it was located near the hot bath spot “Kin no Yu”, but was relocated in 1960 to its current location surrounded by vast nature, where it was well-loved by customers over the decades.

Savor the Moment in a Japanese Space

Surrounded by lush greenery, Negiya is a little sanctuary tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the Arima region. The hues and tinges of the trees display subtle changes in expressions between seasons, and between dawns and dusks. The morning glow is especially something to savor. Let the natural light seep through the man-made shoji sliding screen to witness a miraculous luxury. Savor the time-honored Japanese sensibilities in this space.


Arima Onsen, with its long history and reputation, is ranked top in the onsen rankings of Western Japan. The source of the hot spring from deep underground is originally sea water dissolved with land minerals 600 years ago, which can be seen in the reddish brown color of the Kin no Yu hot bath that contains sea salt. Savor a moment of indulgence at our hot springs.


Travel and eat local and seasonal. Food of the highest quality comes from various places. At Negiya, we do not strictly serve using local produces, but we hand pick the freshest and the best for our customers. Eating seasonal not only benefits our health but also the nature. Apart from Japanese traditional kaiseki cuisines, we also accept additional orders of Kobe beef and seasonal fishes too.

Today's Negiya

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