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*。*。12月のお献立*。*。Standard Kaiseki Menu on December

※This dinner menu is offered to customers who have booked a Kaiseki meal plan. It cannot be ordered in that day.

◆Aperitif 食前酒

Today’s special (Japanese sake) 本日の食前酒 

◆Appetizer 先付

Soup(Chicken wing and vegetables)  

スープ仕立て 手羽中に花椰菜と焼葱、玉葱、木耳、棗と枸杞

◆Assorted seasonal side dish 前菜

Grilled clam with egg sauce 蛤黄金焼

Boiled pollock eggs and octopus 焚き合わせ 助子と小蛸に菜種

Boiled scallop and vegetables お浸し 帆立、壬生菜と舞茸にいくら

Persimmon, eringi mushroom and mizuna green with sesame sauce and Tajima duck 


Crab rolls in Japanese daikon radish with yolk vinegar 蟹砧巻と赤甘藍を黄身酢で 

◆Sashimi 向付 

Assorted seasonal Sashimi 本日の逸品をあしらいと共に

◆Steamed dish 変り鉢

Steamed Kobe pork and Tajima chicken 神戸ポークと但馬鶏 お野菜添えて

◆Nabe 小鍋

Buri-syabu(Japanese amberjack and vegetables)

※When you see steam, put the yellowtail, potherb mustard and kaiware in the pot.

We recommend to mix the spice (yuzu-kosyo) in the soup.

鰤しゃぶ 九条葱と柿の木茸、青梗菜、レタスに丸大根と結び蒟蒻、木綿に柚子胡椒

◆Fried dish 油物

Fried oyster with brown rice Batter and prawn ※Please dipped in a special broth or salt

牡蠣玄米揚げと天使の海老 海塩と天出汁で

◆Boiled dish 焚合

Boiled Wagyu and Ebi-imo(yam) 和牛すき煮と海老芋と共に

Takikomi-gohan(Today’s special), pickles and dessert


The menu is subject to change depending on the day's purchases.



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